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about kayla dove




Kayla Dove is a personal trainer based in the city of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. She started her fitness journey in 2016 and since then, she has lost over 80lbs. She struggled with weight loss majority of her life, and she thoroughly understands what it feels like to be unhappy and in distress constantly. After fully committing over 3 and a half years to lose over 80lbs, she first handedly knows that weight loss is a task that does not come easy. It is hard work, and it requires motivation, determination and faith. Her own weight loss journey has given her the motivation to become a personal trainer. She wants to help others lose weight and overall incorporate a healthier lifestyle daily. 

Kayla Dove started her own online fitness class during August 2020. She saw the distress everyone was facing during the Covid-19 pandemic and wanted to shine a light towards the fitness community. To this date, Kayla continues to do so. She has numerous programs available which caters to people of all ages. She has classes available online, as well as programs set in place. She is always there for her clients, as one of her most well-known saying is “I am just one call away”. Kayla tries her very best to build intimate relationships with her clients.

She has 93 members as of August 2021 and is working endlessly to expand her business. Kayla is a hardworking individual who strongly believes that work is nonstop. Kayla is sending herself back to school and is currently enrolled to earn a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and will continue to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Kayla will do whatever it takes to promote fitness in our modern-day society and try her very best to bring forth self-esteem and enhance self-love.



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